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A dream come true…

The Garden Studio, established in 2013 by Jean-Marc Creau, a French landscape designer is a design workshop dedicated to creating gorgeous, thriving gardens despite the Gulf’s sometimes severe climate.  Since then, the company has grown apace with its gardens both public and private, but the objective hasn’t changed: creating lively gardens combining natural beauty and sophistication.





Authenticity is the key word for our approach to gardening.  Our inspiration comes from the most beautiful gardens of France, Italy, Japan Bali and Morocco.  Heritage gardens inspired or contemporary our designs bring together the best materials and technologies on offer in the UAE for a luxurious experience.  The result:  The Garden Studio composes gardens of exception adapted to your taste, with a unique, vivacious personality and an authentic feel.




During our first meeting on site at your property, we will review different styles of gardens and imagine together the design which suits you best, optimizing the space and integrating architectural and planting elements.  Once concept and layout are approved, we will issue necessary Autocad plans, technical drawings, 3-D simulations, bill of materials, and estimates for approval.”




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